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DAY 25

Meg Holland

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So my leg injury is actually a hip injury and a little more serious than I was willing to admit.  But on the positive side – the guys at the gym were really great in showing me the sort of movement that would be beneficial and lots of upper body work to keep me going until my hip is all sorted.

I am actually counting this is as a mini win for me – usually an injury would give me the perfect excuse not to go to the gym – but I went and worked hard doing the exercises I could.

If you follow the work of Louise Hay and especially her book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, she suggests that hip pain and injuries relate to, “a fear in moving forward in major decisions or having nothing to move forward to.”   This really resonates with me.  Having no clear idea as to my employment future, I can definitely feel the tension being held around my hips and legs.  So as well as the chiropractic sessions, massage and movement, I will be spending some time doing affirmations about moving forward that suggested in Louise’s book.

I love Louise Hay and her work.  She is one of my heroes.  Her books constantly inspire me.  I am also continually motivated by author and teacher Dr Wayne Dyer.  I am currently re-reading his book, “Excuses Begone!”.  This is another book that has helped me over the last three weeks as it looks at why and how we make excuses and how we can stop.  Whenever I felt tempted to go and grab something sugary, or the times I have wanted to just stop because it was getting too hard – I would go back and read a chapter of Dr. Dyer’s book.  I really recommend any books from either of these teachers.

And lastly, but certainly not least, I should mention, I have dropped a whole size in my jeans! (Insert Fanfare here!)  When I started the program, I decided not to weigh myself – I just didn’t want the extra pressure of looking at the numbers, just in case they didn’t change – but after a couple of weeks of having to constantly be pulling up my jeans, I decided to buy a new pair and was thrilled to find I had to go down a full size.  And that is pretty special!

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