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DAY 24

Meg Holland

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A couple of days ago I hurt my leg at the gym.  One of those silly annoying injuries that didn’t seem like a big deal at the time but which has left me walking around like I am 80 years old!  It also means that I haven’t done any exercise for the last two days.  And I never thought I would be the type to say this, but I think I am missing it.  Not in a, “OMG I just am not myself unless I have run 10kms before breakfast” kind of way – more of a, “Mmm, I am not quite feeling myself – I wonder why that is” kind of way.

The exercise part of this program was always going to be the biggest challenge for me – even more than the coffee!  Apart from playing sport at school, I never really liked running.  It may be a poor excuse, but I just don’t think my body was made for running.  I have seen myself – and I look ridiculous.  I don’t have one of those ‘nice’, rhythmic running styles.  I have more of an awkward, this is not natural kind of style.  And I don’t really like sitting on a bike either.  I did try a couple of Spin classes, but I was so preoccupied with how uncomfortable I was (i.e. how much my bum hurt on the seat) I never really paid attention to what I was supposed to be doing.

I go to the gym because I know I should.  And even after nearly 4 weeks of spending 6 days a week there, I still have to make myself go.  And I am sort of stuck in this Catch 22…  I am sure one of the reasons I don’t like exercising as much as I should or could, is because I have never really found anything I like doing.  I walk on the treadmill with my iPod blaring and I watch the timer.  I don’t really like the group classes.  As much as I try not to, I spend half the class comparing myself to the rest of the group and then feel crappy.  But, I also understand that the more I do something, the better I will get and then it will become more enjoyable.  See what I mean?

There is no doubt that I have noticed the difference over the last couple of days but it has not been so much of a difference that I am now a converted gym junkie – however, I will be back there tomorrow, pounding along on the treadmill, lifting some weights because I know, deep down, that is best for me and my body.  And after all, that is what this program has been all about!

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