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So how much do we rock!  We have done it.  4 weeks following the Get Clean Get Lean Program – 4 weeks without sugar, coffee, wheat, dairy and alcohol (amongst other things).  I am really proud of myself!

And I have not only learnt some fantastic things about how to take care of and how to listen my physical body, but also some insights into my emotional wellbeing.

I have learnt that not all food is created equal.  Not all “good” food is good for you and not all “bad” foods are bad.  It is about good quality, unprocessed food.  It is about making food decisions based on what my body feels like when it is hungry.  It is about eating guilt free and really tasting the food I prepare. It is looking for organic and fresh options rather than the quick and cheap options.

I am still learning that feeling bad is not an excuse for eating bad.  That food is not the way to turn any thoughts of sadness, anxiety, anger, fear or guilt into feelings of love and compassion.  Only I can do that.

And it is had taught me about movement and breath.

But most of all – the past four weeks have taught me about “baby steps”.  The smallest goal is just as important as any giant, long term goal.  Just because there are no big changes straight away doesn’t mean that there aren’t any important changes occurring.

This is just the beginning for me – and although I can’t wait for a Hot Cross Bun and soy milk latte – I am not about to have some major junk food blow-out and ruin all my hard work.

I have made a promise to myself to take care of me for all the right reasons.  Because of what I want and not what other people want.   Because of what I think is best for me and not what others think is best for me.  At  37 years old, I am taking responsibility for my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing…  And it feels GREAT!

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I am the publishing Editor of Spa Life (magazine and A Wellness expert (having studied and lived wellness for over 20 years now!!!!) and Spa Retreat Junkie. You can read my blog or book a Spa Getaway at Or if you want more health specific information or services
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