I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for too many years to count. One thing is for sure, too many people get confused by all the information and misinformation out there on health and wellness to know what is good for them and what’s not. My aim is to cut the confusion and garble, and provide you with credible and useful information to help you achieve great health and wellness without the fuss or fads.

Poolside in the desert

The Shangri-la at Abi dabu

As the Publishing Editor of Spa Life Magazine I’m fortunate to travel to some of the best Spas in the world who utilise some of the latest, as well as the most ancient forms of healing to promote good health. I will share with you their secrets, nutritious Spa cuisine, preventative treatments and general tips on attaining good health.

This Spa Girl wants to  inspire you to achieve an abundance of vitality and wellness into your everyday life with articles on health, beauty, relaxation and escape. So welcome to my blog, and feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and advice as well.

Experience, enhance, enrich and most of all…. enjoy!

Loving What I do!

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