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I am the publishing Editor of Spa Life (magazine and A Wellness expert (having studied and lived wellness for over 20 years now!!!!) and Spa Retreat Junkie. You can read my blog or book a Spa Getaway at Or if you want more health specific information or services

Kris’s Chocky Cake (Guilt & Gluten-free)

I love chocolate – who doesn’t? But I am making an effort to eat more of the beneficial (dark) chocolate and less of the naughty stuff… (you know, the milky chocolate filled with sugar, nuts or a truffle centre). So, … Continue reading

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Why Detox?

The word Detox has taken such a battering by the media over the past few years that there is more negative connotation and myth associated with it, than the wonderful vitality and rejuvenation it can bring to your health. A … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess with My Metabolism

WORD: KRIS ABBEY There is quite a bit of debate (for lack of a better word) around calorie-restricted or very low calorie diets (VLCD). Sure, restricting your calories will help you loose weight, but really cutting back on calories (below … Continue reading

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How to Get 6-Pack(ish) Abs

WORDS: KRIS ABBEY Wouldn’t you love to have trim, taut abs? Or even a little less of the muffin-top? Or what about more core strength? Well, this isn’t as elusive as it sounds. Your abs are one of the easiest … Continue reading

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Emotional Recycling

WORDS: CYNTHIA MORTON “The new frontier – the human heart.” Fear within the heart creates toxins – emotional manure, if you like, that can either be dumped or responsibly recycled. Planting love in our hearts is like planting trees; it … Continue reading

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Diets are filled with dogma about when, what and how much to eat. These ‘rules’ are usually based on observations that make sense, but unless you understand why you do certain things, you will break the rules as soon as … Continue reading

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Get Clean Get Lean

Meg’s Blog Last Day So how much do we rock!  We have done it.  4 weeks following the Get Clean Get Lean Program – 4 weeks without sugar, coffee, wheat, dairy and alcohol (amongst other things).  I am really proud … Continue reading

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Get Clean Get Lean

Meg’s Blog DAY 27 I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of the program! I am even more impressed that I have nearly made it! I started this program on a bit of a whim – I saw … Continue reading

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Get Clean Get Lean

Meg’s Blog DAY 25 So my leg injury is actually a hip injury and a little more serious than I was willing to admit.  But on the positive side – the guys at the gym were really great in showing … Continue reading

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Get Clean Get Lean

Meg’s Blog DAY 24 A couple of days ago I hurt my leg at the gym.  One of those silly annoying injuries that didn’t seem like a big deal at the time but which has left me walking around like … Continue reading

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